About OP

Oyunga Pala’s mission is to use his writing to make a contribution towards transformative change in society by making an honest investigation of the human condition.


Oyunga Pala is a pioneering columnist and creative. He remains one of the most impactful, Kenyan columnists of his generation. Oyunga’s literary craftsmanship in mainstream media spans over two decades, where he has kept readers engaged with such untiring energy and versatility in enterprise with working experience in print, magazines, online, radio, television and film industries.


Oyunga is adept at curating individuals and collective ideas and imaginations and works with various genres of expression. His intellectual work is multi-disciplinary, exploring the boundaries between the extreme and the everyday, while deliberately challenging stereotypes of African ‘Otherness’, Oyunga remaps the African world beyond its geographical boundaries. He insightfully examines circumstances that afflict African migrants and diasporas by devoting his energy to exploring the fullness of the human experience. You can find Oyunga’s most recent curatorial works at The Elephant.


Oyunga is a keen observer of elements that govern daily life and motivate human interaction. As a veteran and pioneering columnist in Kenya, known for the acclaimed Mantalk column in the Saturday Nation newspaper, These Crazy Kenyans, in the Standard newspaper, to the edgy Adam Magazine, he has kept readers informed with his engaging commentary. As  a chronicler of the modern African experience,  Oyunga attends to the dense texture of everyday life and the varied practices of African self-making by carefully observing the big and small things motivating human interaction thus challenging any claims to a single African story.

This site is an amalgamation of all the antics of the real Oyunga Pala.

Photo credits: Ashley Röttjers