Of Mark Zuckerberg And The Fish

Facebook’s founder came to Africa. His first stop was Nigeria which really riled many Kenyans. It felt like when Obama chose Ghana on his maiden trip to Africa. Kenyans generally hold a high opinion of their status in Africa and do not like playing second fiddle. Kenyans feel closely attached to Zuckerberg who has the whole country addicted to his product. As Kenyans were still ranting and raving, Mark Zuckerberg jets into Nairobi out of Lagos. He sneaks in like an Armenian mercenary, makes a courtesy call at Ihub, the technology innovation space and then goes off to lunch at Mama Oliech’s fish palace in Kilimani.

Of Social Media And Weapons Of Mass Distraction

A man named Boniface Manono was the focus of a headline story about the anti-IEBC demonstrations in Nairobi and police brutality that was turned on demonstrators. Mr. Manono moved from obscurity, to sympathy, notoriety and fame in under 48 hours. He was killed, resurrected, castigated and celebrated on social media. Boniface Manono may have been a victim of police brutality, in what appeared to be a near death beating captured on camera but by the next day, he was up and bouncy defending his version of events in newsrooms. He was beaten to death and lived to tell the story.

I stumbled on the Boniface Manono episode on my compulsive Facebook visits, scanning for trending stories which now passes for research in my profession. I had not even made sense of Saleh “James Bond” Wanjala, (the man who hanged precariously from to an airborne helicopter for over a mile and lived to tell his story), before Manono intriguing tale of survival flooded my Facebook timeline, Twitter feed and Whatsapp groups.