Sex, Power And The Culture Of Silence It Thrives In

“He told me not be so naive”. Those are Lupita Nyong’o’s words captured in an op-ed for the New York Times in October. Lupita was retelling a sexual harassment episode at the hands of Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Lupita broke her silence after 7 years, joining a long list of Hollywood actresses who exposed the movie producer’s predatory sexual behaviour. That was just the beginning. The Harvey Weinstein case exposed crocodiles lurking underneath calm waters.

Women in Politics: Not Just Pretty Faces

The Churchill Show that airs on NTV network is the biggest comedy stage in Kenya. The comedy format show has performed consistently as the highest viewed TV show on Sundays on GeoPoll ratings across the networks, with estimates of 2 million viewers. On the evening of 16th April 2017, the affable host Daniel Ndambuki, known by his moniker Churchill, had special guests. A series of high chairs were arranged on the front stage and strobe lights lit up the background. An excited crowd ushered in the four guests who were aspiring for the women’s representative position in Nairobi County.

The Lusting Game

There is a story of a storeyed building that housed a restaurant and lodging facilities that caught fire. The building was engulfed in smoke and good Samaritans in the area rushed in to help put out the fire before the fire brigade arrived. To their utter surprise, they ran into stark naked couples running away from the burning building with bundles of clothes wrapped in their arms.

It was a simple choice between survival and dignity and survival won. All this occurred on a sunny Friday afternoon in Nairobi.

Some Mothers Do Have Them

Bringing up teenagers could be as maddening as trying to make sense out of our PR-based Jubilee political circus. Teenage is an interesting time because all teenagers think they have it all figured out. The teenager has difficulty connecting his actions with the oncoming consequences. I will give you an example.

I love jogging in parks mostly for the ambience created by trees and the off chance of meeting a female jogger tying her shoe laces. On this particular day, I decided to go for an early evening jog. I am a bit of a rat, metaphorically speaking when on the run, always looking for new trails (Panya routes) to break the monotony of a continuous circuit jog.

Craving for adventure, I turn down an overgrown path with overt signs of disuse quite intent on getting lost. Losing your bearings in a park is a perfect strategy for running the much talked about the extra mile as you try to figure your way back to familiarity. My pace had slowed down to a trot.

Trees in a cluster can have an overbearing influence almost condescending, in demanding acknowledgement. I was lost in a moment of utopian green peace until these two teenagers crudely snapped me back to reality.

What’s Sex Got To Do With It?

I recently got reacquainted with Mantak Chia famed works as translated by one Michael Winn. Master Chia is a renowned teacher of human sexuality, who popularized the idea of sex as a healing force and mainstreamed esoteric traditions of the East.

So, there I was reading this book and everyone around me, staring in disbelief. It had the kind of title that demanded a comment.  ‘Taoist Secrets of Love – Cultivating the male sexual energy’. It has been years since I read Mantak Chia’s works and I was pleased to discover his work is now ready available online.

As an adventurous anthropologist, I was merely trying to get to the bottom of the one issue that Kenyans have continued to avoid like garlic breath – the ticking time bomb of our raging sexual energy.