Mercenary Jobs Available In Kenya


Do you want to make a lot of money? Are you a thrill-seeker? Do you want to embarrass powerful friends and make enemies? Do you want to travel the world? Do you want to make a name for yourself? Whether you are a disgraced military man or a bored criminal seeking action this is just the job for you. The government seeks private mercenary services to carry out covert operations and the perks are rewarding. Before you decide to pursue a career as a mercenary, be certain to examine the pros and cons of doing so, and speak with your family members, to ensure that they are also comfortable with the demands that will be placed upon you.

Overthrowing little African governments was stock in trade for mercenaries in 60s and 70s. In noughties, an entirely different skill set is required. These days it is much cheaper to bribe, co opt or intimidate everyone into compliance. Mercenaries are nowadays a vital government resource, backed by PR departments to keep tabs on your travel schedule, write press releases and script your public appearances.

However, if you are considering pursuing a career as a mercenary for hire, be prepared for a rigorous selection process as the competition for jobs is quite high. Securing a position as a mercenary for hire can be financially and personally rewarding. Men on the run from the police or wanted in their home countries for unspecified crimes would be advised to include those details in their submission papers. The recruiters will be impressed by a past criminal record. Most governments are looking for men with a penchant for flamboyance and a good grasp of the English language. Vanity is a necessary ingredient and it should be reflected in your dress sense. Wearing of bling is mandatory or the recruiters may not find you credible. The head hunters prefer men with gruff looks, a prominent jaw line and a strong physical constitution. The ability to walk with a swagger like a man with steel nuts will be noted as sign of confidence that is a necessary skill during confrontation with public or press corps.

Successful candidates will be required to operate under heavy media scrutiny and so those reluctant to assume a public profile need not apply. As a soldier for hire, you will get the opportunity to travel to foreign lands, dazzle local babes, receive royal treatment and police protection in your host country. Negotiate for your desired role in the ranks of government. Mercenaries who specialize in smash and grab support will find their services needed to coerce errant media houses. Other standard duties may include acting as escorts of high society daughters and playing an advisory role during drug heists. If you impress early in your assignment, you may find yourself quickly promoted to the rank of assistant commissioner of police which is especially useful for slicing through the bureaucratic hassles of third world airports. Even so frequent travel will present the challenge of memorizing false identities and so it is important that you never forget your assumed personas.

A normal term of service is anything from two years to five years, at the end of which you will be provided with the opportunity to flee the country with quite a bit of loot lining your pockets. Diligent investigators might eventually try to link you to past criminal activities which will provide a perfect opportunity to blurt out a sensational confession and enjoy prime time TV coverage whilst reviving your fledgling celebrity status and angling for a book deal.

Therefore if you want to be a mercenary, come to Kenya where opportunities are abound. The government will take good care of you and after a stint in this country; you can comfortably retire to a pool side in Dubai and enjoy your hard earned proceeds.