The Lusting Game

There is a story of a storeyed building that housed a restaurant and lodging facilities that caught fire. The building was engulfed in smoke and good Samaritans in the area rushed in to help put out the fire before the fire brigade arrived. To their utter surprise, they ran into stark naked couples running away from the burning building with bundles of clothes wrapped in their arms.

It was a simple choice between survival and dignity and survival won. All this occurred on a sunny Friday afternoon in Nairobi.

What’s Sex Got To Do With It?

I recently got reacquainted with Mantak Chia famed works as translated by one Michael Winn. Master Chia is a renowned teacher of human sexuality, who popularized the idea of sex as a healing force and mainstreamed esoteric traditions of the East.

So, there I was reading this book and everyone around me, staring in disbelief. It had the kind of title that demanded a comment.  ‘Taoist Secrets of Love – Cultivating the male sexual energy’. It has been years since I read Mantak Chia’s works and I was pleased to discover his work is now ready available online.

As an adventurous anthropologist, I was merely trying to get to the bottom of the one issue that Kenyans have continued to avoid like garlic breath – the ticking time bomb of our raging sexual energy.

The One Night Stand

You would think, the threat of AIDS would have slowed down our promiscuity levels but clearly it did not happen. Men are still doing it and women love it. Hook up sex is dangerous but that was never good enough a reason for people to stop delving into it.

Smoking kills and everyone knows the more you drink and drive the more likely it is for trees to start crossing roads.  We are living in the era of the hook up culture. Men are absolutely in love with it and women continue to oblige.

It all starts out so casually.

Danger Comes In Cute Packages

Female criminals behind bars on TV are typecast as ugly, butch and foul mouthed. So it was pleasant reversal when Langata Women’s prison in Nairobi held an annual beauty pageant. The winner was stunning and a sight for sore eyes, until I looked up her back story. Two months earlier, she had been incarcerated for stabbing her boyfriend 22 times to death. A classic case of fatal attraction.

Yet, I still found myself empathising with her. Like most men, I am socialised to shower female inmates who pass for attractive with pity. Where there is clear evidence of premeditated murder, my instinct is to explain it away as a crime of passion and an act of self-defence. She must have been wronged and provoked to anger. Why else would such an angelic face deliberately dice up her lover?

10 things I would tell my 20-year old self

By James Wariero

The 20’s is the decade of life most adults remember fondly. It is a heady time of multiple transitions, new opportunities and expanding freedom- from parental control, lack of disposable cash and school restrictions. After completing school; you form important friendships that will last you a lifetime; you are likely meet the person you are going to marry, maybe even get married.

I started my twenties as a second year in university wearing loud T-shirts with equally loud messages and ended it as a new parent wide-eyed and humbled cradling a small human being. The 20s is a decade of exciting transitions. There are a number of things someone getting into their twenties, or there already, needs to keep in mind in order not to waste this pivotal decade of their life.

Many folks think that their twenties is the time for a happy-go-lucky lifestyle, where opportunities can be met without responsibility. It is bad enough that this may end with a wasted decade of ‘delayed milestones’ and missed opportunities.