Guest Post: Dealing With The Salvo of FAKE News

Words: Anyango Odhiambo

In a move necessitated by the erosion of national integrity by social media hate-mongers 27 people were charged and 250 are under investigation. The crackdown by Kenya’s National Cohesion and Integrity Commission is a great move.

Vice Chairperson, Irene Nyoike, revealed the offensive material and fake news violators were reported by concerned citizens.

Readers in the age of internet are bombarded with FAKE and HATEFUL news from all angles. Not long ago as a rookie writer, the Telex , a global transmission method reminiscent of Twitter in its economy of words was the rage. Sensationalism and exaggeration were strictly confined to forums and publications known for their fluff and entertainment value. Even “dirt” was quantified and rarely hurled. Falsifying data and plagiarism got you fired and ostracized.

Why Do We Keep Excusing Violence Against Men?

A man in Migori suffered the humiliation of getting busted having an affair on Citizen TV prime time news. He locked himself in a house with his new lover and his wife got wind of it. Unable to gain access to the room, she turned her rage on his Freelander Range Rover. The camera panned to provide live footage, inter cut with a running commentary of her tribulations as she meticulously smashed glass panes on the car. Turns out the man had been missing for a few months, abandoning his wife and children, living it up like an Armenian mercenary in Kenya. His 40 days were up. The crowd watched in solidarity as if to say, “We understand your pain sister”.