So, I’m Standing Here…

 Kevin Mwachiro  was preparing for a marathon, in the best of shape for a man in his forties when his lower back started acting up. It would be the beginning of an agonising and life awakening journey of survival against multiple myeloma;  a blood cancer that occurs in the plasma cells of the bone marrow. He found himself in a fight for life that he did not even know he had been training for.


Words: Kevin Mwachiro

When I got diagnosed with cancer, many people told me once I got through with this journey I would be different. Back in November last year(2015), I didn’t know what to expect and was dismissive of such statements. I just wanted to get on with it. My biggest fear then was chemotherapy and how I was going to pay for my treatment.

Ati, different?? There was no time to think of different.

However, this journey does leave you different, and when you do come through, you look at life with a new perspective. Don’t be rushing to me to ask what the meaning of life is, nor will I be heading to the hills to set up a commune. But, there is something profound in this journey.

However, I’m here. Like I said once before, hugging life, and I’ve been reflecting, and I will admit in the privacy of my home dancing by myself a lot more. Well, because I can, and I miss being on the dance floor. I’ve also been thinking about this blog and wondering what direction it should take. Is this now my only story? I’m pondering too about my dreams and passions and wanting to make my heart happier. I want it to dance too.