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Style: "Porcelain pastel"

Oyunga Pala is a pioneering satirist and columnist. He remains one of the most  admirable, Kenyan satirist of his generation.

Oyunga’s literary craftsmanship spans over two decades, where he has kept readers engaged by such untiring energy and versatility in enterprise.

Oyunga examines the texture of everyday life, moving away from traditional idea of African men as victims of modernity and disillusion.

His writings commonly feature the struggle of the Kenyan male to maintain integrity against the temptations of worldly success, politics and most recently the environment.

From the acclaimed Mantalk column in the Saturday Nation newspaper, to the edgy Adam Magazine and These Crazy Kenyans, in the Standard-Crazy Monday magazine he kept readers informed with his engaging commentary. Oyunga is also the former curator-in-chief of The Elephant.

This blog is an amalgamation of all the antics of the real Oyunga.

Ana Odam

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Image caption: The Kings African Rifles soldiers drawn from East and West Africa who fought in  Burma for the British during the Second World War between 1943-45.  Their courage, sacrifice, contribution and stories are forgotten.